ME Baby Water is a natural mineral water which flows at a temperature of 10 ° C.
Its flavour is typically soft. Its TDS (total dissolved solids) is equal to 187 mg /L, therefore it is included in the classification of natural low mineral waters. 

Furthermore, its slightly alkaline pH of 7.84, gives it particular digestibility. The chemical component characterised by the presence of ions such as Ca, HCO3, Mg, Na and K are all fundamental elements for our health. Oligomineral waters with these chemical characteristics are precious because they guarantee a particular digestive function associated with a mild diuretic action. Its lightness and its physical characteristics make it a water particularly suitable for its use for the dilution of milk powder and for the dilution of preparations for weaning.

In the specific case of bottle feeding, low mineral water with a fixed residue between 150 mg/L and 200 mg/L is recommended, a value that responds to their nutritional needs also taking into account the different milk powder formulation. This type of water best integrates the contribution of minerals deriving from infant formula or from the weaning dietary regime in order to cover the nutritional needs of the child. Studies show that an excessive concentration of minerals, in particular sodium, potassium and chlorine, risk overloading the newborn’s kidneys.


Lightness and its chemical characteristics make it particularly suitable for the preparation of infant formula

We have compared the dilution of milk powder with ME Water and the dilution of milk powder with filtered and boiled tap water, obtaining also macroscopically evident results:
Characteristics analyzed Milk in MeWater Milk in filtered and boiled water
SMELL Neutral Slightly acidic
MIXING Homogeneous/Fast Not homogeneous/slow
TASTE Soft Hard
DIGESTIBILITY Very good Moderate

The chemical characteristics of the ME Baby mineral natural water also guarantee a better absorption of the substances contained in the milk as well as, even more importantly, to enrich the preparations with the substances naturally present in the natural low mineral water. During the water filtration and boiling processes these elements are dispersed. It means, in order to ensure microbiological purity the chemical elements present in the water are lost, and the only source of healthy substances for your baby comes from milk powder which is mixed in boiled or chemically processed water.


This water is a particularly light natural mineral water. Its flavour is typically soft for babies and kids.

In the breastfeeding and weaning phases, calcium is fundamental.

Calcium is, in fact one of the most important nutrients for the body. It is useful for the construction of different structures, such as bones, teeth and nails, but it is also indispensable for muscle contraction and its presence is fundamental for all the cells of the body. Calcium is an atom and is the constituent of hormones, proteins, structures that make up the cell itself.

To better understand the importance this element has for the life of an organism, it is appropriate to focus well on the role of calcium in the cell. On the one hand, in fact, calcium is the basis of more complex structures (for example, some proteins may contain calcium, which allows the formation of the structure of some cells such as osteocytes, the basic units of the bones). In this case, the calcium is fixed within these structures and remains there for a long time, generally until the death of the cell itself. On the other hand, however, this mineral also has a dynamic role.

Calcium, in fact, in the form contained in the body, is a positively charged ion (Ca2 +), capable of creating a difference in electrical potential. Its charge is very low and it positivity makes it possible both to bond with other negatively charged ions for the formation of structures and to exchange with other positive ions. When the ions exchange places, a difference in potential occurs, which also corresponds to a difference in cell concentration. This causes calcium in the cell to act like a messenger, allowing the start of different processes. The mechanism where this role is greatest is muscle contraction.

Although Me Baby natural mineral water is a light water, it is rich in calcium and in fact its use for mixing milk preparations favours the body's own absorption of those substances contained in the powders for artificial feeding, On the other hand, it enriches them with the absorption of the ions present in the water itself. In fact, a catalytic reaction is created in which the presence of calcium in the water added to the calcium present in the powder promotes the absorption processes of the substances contained in the milk and favours the cellular metabolic processes given by the calcium itself.


Me Baby natural mineral water is pure and maintains high bacteriological and chemical standards.

Another mineral element present in Me Baby natural mineral water is Magnesium (Mg). This does not have a dynamic cellular role, but is a fundamental element for the development of the muscular and nervous systems. This mineral is essential for our body, since it participates in over 300 enzymatic reactions and is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body. Inside the body it is stored in the bones and muscles where it participates in the correct transmission of nerve impulses and in the regulation of muscle contraction.

Magnesium deficiencies in the child in fact manifest themselves with sleep disturbances, irritability, constipation, cramps, headache, lack of concentration, grinding of the teeth and nighttime awakenings.

In the process of filtering and boiling the water we lose the concentration of magnesium present in the water. By mixing the milk powder with MeWater instead, the concentration of magnesium will be enhanced by that present in the water.

On the contrary, the water filtered and then brought to the boil is a water that almost completely loses the concentration of mineral salts and that assumes a slightly acidic pH. If in contact with the walls of the gastrointestinal tract therefore it favours acidification. While it stimulates diuresis to a greater extent, it is therefore useful if taken for a short period of time to eliminate toxins; on the other hand its prolonged intake can cause tissue acidification and negative consequences for the body.

Waters with a slightly alkaline pH, in addition to promoting digestion, are waters that contain a composition of benign mineral salts (that is waters that have a higher concentration precisely than those chemical elements with beneficial effects on health). The demineralised waters, therefore, have a slightly acidic pH, a factor which highlights their negative characteristics if taken for long periods.
In summary the advantages of Me Baby natural mineral water:

• Lightness
• Soft taste
• Presence of Calcium
• Presence of Magnesium
• Perfect compatibility with any baby milk powder

The distinctive elements of MeWater water insert it into the optimal waters for the preparation of milk powder (and preparations for weaning), accompanying the baby in his physical and mental development from the first months.
Dr. Manela Scaramuzzino
Medical Doctor
Specialist in Otolaryngology
Expert in Thermal Medicine
Healt Director of Terme di Montecatini s.p.a.
Healt Director of Bagni di Casciana s.r.l.